After The Fall - K-OZ Office - Death 2000 (CD, Album)

Thus "Rote Irrlichter" is driven by a simple but oh so beautiful guitar riff, which continues undisturbed, almost blank and numb, while a melancholic piano and occasionally exploding drums and bass extrapolate the textual sadness.

After this power boost my two favourites of this album follow. With a super restrained "Ein Jahr as Tag" Oswald tells how your ever accelerating life sometimes can derail you, wondering which way to go to. The calm nature of this song invites you to think along. In King Cobra, gay writerdirector Justin Kelly offers a brutal gay film noir which recreates that disturbing-but-true story. In Michael, James Franco stars as a gay man who professes to go straight with the help of Jesus. Kelly tells the B.

With King Cobra, Kelly establishes himself as a bold filmmaker. Cobra is dark, graphic and often unnerving, but there are also some wonderfully comic moments. For most of its running time, the film exposes the truth about the false friendships and relationships forged in a business where people pretend to love each other so they can have the sex that comes with the job. King Cobra also shines a light on the elephant in the room: many in the XXX business are unstable or perhaps unable to maintain healthy relationships.

As the story unfolds, their vulnerabilities and their need for real love become clear. The cast includes a number of straight actors who were required to play fairly graphic, R-rated gay sex scenes, such as Christian Slater, who plays Bryan Kocis, renamed Stephen in the film.

There is no discussion of jealousy and. In LGBT circles, open relationships have a mixed success rate. What Schippers terms homosocial bonding between two straight men sharing a woman sounds more like friendship, especially when the two men are not having sex with each other. But she does raise some provocative issues.

Might polyamory be another sexual classification like gay, transsexual, or bisexual? She explores how mononormativity is socially constructed despite evolutionary anthropologists claiming monogamy is a genetic predisposition , seeing monogamy as enabling white heteromasculine privilege and superiority, skewering power relations and resulting in sexual stratification.

The bad news is that she has made a titillating subject into a bore by drowning it in headache-inducing academic jargon, with politically correct thinking dominating the narrative to stultifying effect.

She challenges the reader to view these stories from a polyamorous perspective that could result in different endings. She is rather critical of LGBT people who legally marry, serve in the military, or adopt children as assimilating into heteronormativity rather than critiquing these institutions, but correctly points out how such acceptance only succeeds if you look or act like normal white, middle-class, gender-conforming and monogamous heterosexuals.

Also, bisexuality and transsexuality are flatly rejected as driving forces for unraveling the notions of fixed gender and sexual identities, replacing them with polyamory, which fits into her goal of reconfiguring gender and race relations.

In addition to literary hard-core sex descriptions she uses explicit accounts of her own sexual experiences to bolster her academic arguments, and yes, it reads as icky. Franco and Kelly have collaborated twice thus far. And we have more in the works. Lockhart now performs in R-rated independent films.

Rather than vilifying people, we should try to understand what motivates devious behavior. Schippers wants equality across the board for all partners, regardless of number, gender, class, or race. She is describing a sexual utopia, which may or may not be possible. For tickets: feinsteinsatthenikko.

While an exhibition of this breadth may sound daunting, the viewing experience is not, thanks to cogent organization of the material by curator emerita Sandra S. The lean, wellwritten text panels that summarize eight thematic sections, ranging from personal photography and visual ruminations on cities by contributors to the radical zine Provoke, to the cramped interior dwellings of an overpopulated country, offer concise descriptions of the purview of individual artists, plus elucidation of particular works or series.

Throughout the exhibition, whether in the work of young or veteran photographers, the presence of the past is palpable. The gravitational pull of old world traditions resisting the relentless forward press of modernization, as well as the aforementioned earthquake, which drove home the precariousness of existence on a vulnerable island, make for.

A front of a spider-web congallery titled Disaster eyes struction. That a variety of guises, mostly, legacy of grief, hostility and but not always, female. Two what playing it straight, so to color photomontages by the speak; the second catches the Yasumasa Morimura late Tsunehisa Kimura are soldier boy literally with his especially striking. Coca-Cola to a benign-looking, well as Frida Kahlo surrounded by A provocative section highlights puffy white mushroom cloud in the emblems of transformation.

The perverse, deOtsuji channels the spirit of Marcel of a tattered blackened dress and lightfully imaginative Lieko Shiga, Duchamp, a nude woman, her head a lone shoe abandoned by its mate a former dancer in her mids, obscured by white gauze, stands in.

A monster seated on a couch, alone in a darkened room — perhaps having crawled out of the television set — waves a single tentacle over its head in a cry for help, or maybe an attempt to phone home.

Great Pay. Great Benefits. In ents are a bit far off and a few amusem d, ts en en ek ev we en xt we ne llo are Ha events a few select are re he , ed he best Halloween , nn ing pla eth doing som get your costumes d nightclub will be an r order to help you ba er. Of co s hints on getting yo that should inspire favorite options, plu d an l ua us un few but here are a Halloween listin.

No cell phones on the dance floor, please! DJ Philip Grasso. Buffy Live! Bulge Powerhouse Grace Towers hosts the fun sexy night. No cover. Also Fridays. Latin Explosion Club 21, Oakland Enjoy Latin, hip hop and electro, plus hot gogos galore, and a big dance floor. Manimal Beaux Gogo-tastic dance night starts off your weekend. Dancing Ghosts the Cat Club The Goth Industrial and dark wave music-dance night gets an early jump on Halloween, with a ghostly good time.

Weekly drag shows at the last transgender-friendly bar in the Polk; with hosts Victoria Secret, Alexis Miranda and several performers. Also Saturdays. Rachael Yamagata The Independent The folk-indie singercomposer performs with her band. The East Bay band that shot to pop-punk stardom returns home for a show along their world tour, with songs from their new CD Revolution Radio. Dog Party opens. The iconic Broadway, film and TV actor-singer performs her new cabaret show, Story Songs, at the elegant nightclub.

The popular video bar ends each work week with gogo guys starting at 9pm and drink specials. Themed event nights at the fascinating nature museum, with DJed dancing, cocktails, fish, frogs, food and fun. The Kink. Various nights thru Oct. Daily 5pm-2am. Also Sunday brunch shows at PianoFight Theatre, 4pm. Saudi Arabia Mahdi Alshuyukh as Mr. International Freedom. Right: Mr. International Freedom contestants L to R : Mr. Saudi Arabia Mahdi Alshuyukh , Mr. Brazil Icarus Ferreira , Mr. Philippines Jethro Patalinghug , Mr.

Colombia Juliano Wade , and Mr. France Nicolas Bettinger. We coemceed the proceedings as Nicolas Bettinger, Icarus Ferreira, Jethro Patalinghug, TreBion Prince, Juliano Wade, and Mahdi Aishuyuyh competed in jeans and tank top and later Speedos, answering topical and funny questions in front of hundreds of admirers. After great consideration, including hundreds of dollars gathered from the audience by the contestants, the winner emerged: Mr. Saudi Arabia, Mahdi Aishuyukh, who immediately donned the laurel leaves, sash, and wide smile of Mr.

Adam promises that this will become an annual event, so watch out for the next competition. We also expect to see great work from the LGBT Asylum Project, protecting lives and families from persecution, separation, and discrimination.

DJ Lamont kept the mood upbeat and the silent auction offered a variety of temptations. This was truly a historic evening, particularly poignant to so many in the room who have worked tirelessly for all three agencies and the many clients they have assisted. We have all recognized the growing need for consolidation and mergers of our many non-profit groups, but this represents one of the largest and most significant.

Having personally raised money and otherwise supported both AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resource Center for over 20 years, we will keep a careful eye on this merger with great expectations of increased and improved client services and continued volunteer opportunities and recognition. After brisk bidding on an extensive silent auction, we were led by colorfully dressed samba dancers into the sprawling ballroom, where we sat with Nancy Pelosi Lifetime.

Both honorees gave heart-felt speeches to warm audience applause and standing ovations. We were so pleased to see that Hastings College was honoring Mark Leno last Friday that we had to attend the ceremony at the Tenderloin Museum. We joined long-time friend Michael Loftis and were amazed at this beautiful facility, showcasing the rich history of this San Francisco neighborhood. The corner entrance leads through a warm reception area into a spacious room with individual niches with historical items and descriptions from music and theatre to the sex industry and the LGBT Community.

We ended with a festive toast to this man who has so wonderfully changed the City, the State, and the nation.

Mark then spoke with his usual humility and passion about his love of his work and the people he has represented. Whatever he future holds for this extraordinary civil servant, we are with him! October continues to keep us on our toes with multiple events worthy of your attention and attendance. On Friday, October 21, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund hosts This Old Bag at Bently Reserve, where handbags donated by celebrities, local luminaries, and boutiques will be auctioned off to benefit the cause.

We end with our own tribute to our friend Wayne Friday, who died last week and will receive an appropriate celebration of life event in the next few weeks.

We knew him as a harddrinking, but deep-hearted and generous man who loved to be on the inside of any story and often was. When we once found ourselves in Pacific Heights with Anita Martini at a fundraiser for Susan Leal without a ride back home, Police Commissioner Wayne Friday gleefully volunteered not only to drive us, but to put his red light atop the car all the way back to the Castro.

We both cherished the Police Commission business card he gave us that night, hoping that it might one day prevent an unfortunate episode with city officials. Once again, San Francisco dims with the loss of the light of this man who loved his city, his community, and his many friends. The yummy brunch menu starts at 12pm, with the show at 1pm. Sun 7pmpm. Pretty in Ink Powerhouse Tattooed dudes get special treatment at the cruisy bar.

Jackson, Becky Know and Jorge T. Saturgay Qbar Stanley Frank spins house dance remixes at the intimate Castro dance bar. Sugar The Cafe Dance, drink, cruise at the Castro club. After that, Femme T-Dance drag shows at 7pm, 10pm and 11pm. Beer bust donations benefit local nonprofits Check the website for a list of recipients. Now also on Saturdays. The fun Castro nightclub, with hot local DJs and sexy gogo guys and gals.

Mondays and Tuesdays popular weekly sing-along night. The weekly LGBT video game enthusiast night includes big-screen games and signature beers, with a new remodeled layout, including an outdoor patio. The cool hip hop singer-composer performs; fascinating vocal duo Ritual of Mine opens. Have a nerdgasm and a beer with your pals. Hella Saucy Q Bar Queer dance party at the stylish intimate bar. Enjoy frosty Moscow Mule cocktails in a brassy mug, specials before 8pm. Weekly screenings of music videos, concert footage, interviews and more, of popular pop stars.

Bottomless Mimosas until 3pm at the fun rock-punk club. Irene Tu and Jessica Sele cohost the comedy open mic night for women and queers.

New weekly queer event with resident DJ Justime; electro, soul, funk, house. Donna Sachet often hosts the weekly fabulous brunch and drag show, now celebrating its tenth anniversary. Sing along at the popular musical theatre night; also Wednesdays. Mica Sigourney and Tom Temprano cohost the wacky weekly game night at the cool Mission bar. The weekly themed variety cabaret showcases new and unusual talents with MC Ferosha Titties.

Show at 11pm. Retro Night Castro Jim Hopkins plays classic pop oldies, with vintage music videos. Trivia Night Hi Tops Play the trivia game at the popular new sports bar.

Oh, Snap! Also at several other theatres. Costumes encouraged, including an Island of Dr. Moreau animal horror theme, with DJed dancing, cocktails, fish, frogs, food and fun. Raffle tickets and prizes 7pm. Oct,31 pm. Pier 70, Bldg. Haunted Oasis The Shenanigans crew spook it up with a costume dance party.

Leather and fetish wear encouraged, or don a mask, and not much else! Enjoy an outdoor tiki beer garden in the alley behind the historic bar, a celebration of outgoing year owner Michael McElhaney, costumed fun MCed by House of More, and music by the Go Bang! Sat 29 The Kink. The talented powerhouse crooner performs Halloween special songs with the Coker Sisters and pianist Dee Spencer. But what if you want something classy?

Choose from more than 3, costumes for rent or sale at Costumes on Haight. Along with thousands of skirts, togas, masks and uniforms, the shop also carries a full line of face and eye makeup. Group outfits are popular as well. Costumes on Haight, Haight St. Fantasy Clothing in SoMa sells and rents a variety of classic costumes, from animals to vintage, political and traditional themes.

Their Venetian-style carnivale masks are tastefully ornate. Going out in drag? Choose from traditional or fluorescent colors. Feeling furry or have an admiration for monsters a la Lost in Space?

Fantasy Clothing Company, Folsom St. Suite Piedmont, Haight St. Foxy Lady, Mission St. If you want your costume to fit just right, get some fabric and accessories at the following shops: Discount Fabrics, 11th St.

You and your group of pals might even win a costume contest and make some cash. Preceded by Open Mic Comedy, 7pm, no cover. Meet at Harvey Milk Plaza, pm. The weekly fun night at the Bernal Heights bar includes prizes, hosted by Kitty Tapata. Peaches Christ hosts the Halloween party at the science museum, with a drag horror show featuring Chaka Corn, Coco Buttah, Scarlett etters and more. Costimes encouraged, including a Island of Dr.

Kollin Holtz hosts the weekly comedy and open mic talent night. Pussy Party Beaux Ladies night at the Castro dance club.

Toad Hall The weekly dancing competition for gogo wannabes. Show at 9pm. Wooden Nickel Wednesday Buy a drink and get a wooden nickle good for another.

Angsty alt-hip hop pop singer-composer performs. Email events ebar. Event photos welcome. My work hours are 10 a. Patrick call or text See pics on ebar. When I was approached to do something at The Starlight Room, I was told it was the slowest night of the week. I suggested a happy hour idea with special drinks, music and a photographer. It was definitely. Founded in San Francisco, the chain has been known for years as being gay-friendly, and for.

So the decision seems abrupt and insensitive, at least. They were there right when we opened. They thanked me, they loved the music, they loved me in drag. I grew close to people I respect. For updates, visit www. Visit the Museum at 18th St. See More. D7 Supe Yee in rematch with gay opponent by Matthew S. Bajko by Mathew S. Bajko F our years ago Joel Engardio, a gay man and journalist, fell short in his bid for the District 7 seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The two political junkies quickly be- came best friends.

Nearly 50 family members, friends, and supporters of the Jus- tice for Kayla Moore Coalition rallied outside the courthouse Monday to regroup after the summary judgment and reiterate their commitment to the fight. Teresa Sheehan is a woman in San Francisco with a history of mental illness who was shot in the face two times by police in and survived. According to Birch, some of the newly constructed multi-use bathrooms in Terminal 1, as well as all of the one-person bathrooms, accommodate people who consider themselves genderqueer or gender neutral.

The of the transgender community to Earlier this month, Birch and symbols should work for people of all ages and from all backgrounds, she explained. The project was first proposed earlier this year when Beswick asked Tom Horn, president and trustee of the Bob Ross Foundation — and publisher emeritus of the paper — whether the foundation would be interested in underwriting a grant to digitize the B.

Melbostad, Esq. T here are 17 state propositions on the November ballot. Prop 57 mandates the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to implement a system of credits for non-violent inmates who successfully complete education, drug rehabilitation and other rehabilitation programs that may Vote yes on Prop 64 to legalize adult use of marijuana.

Opponents argue that artificially limiting drug prices will reduce incentives for pharmaceutical companies to do neces- Vote yes on Prop 56 to increase the tobacco tax. Early last week the political action committee of Equal- ity California, the statewide LGBT advocacy group, released a second ad that shows Gary McCoy walking through a homeless tent encampment. A locally owned and operated franchise.

T he corner of 18th and Castro streets — arguably the center of the gay universe — was known in the s and s as a sunny social spot for gay men who had escaped to San Francisco from other parts of the country. Cummings later purchased the assets through bankruptcy court and as- sembled a team to begin publishing again, he explained. Go, a magazine aimed at lesbians, will relaunch in December.

Previously published 10 times a year, Lesser said that beginning ously served as editor. Make a plan Create a kit Be prepared pge. On education, the candidates were asked about improving public schools and reducing the dropout rate. Safety, housing top concerns served as a police commissioner under Mayors Frank Jordan and Willie Brown.

Apparently the idea of con- mg a n bridge across the Straits was not then contemplated. Soon after- wa ert Stephenson construction of the line, not to use the existing build new ones more suitable traffic. Robert Stephenson soon selected for his bridge a site about a mile south of the suspension bridge, where the Britannia Rock lies width of the Straits at this almost in mid-channel.

The nt is about ft. These tubes form two independent continuous tubular beams, each tons. As the pontoons their destined place between and mention. Lawrence On the death of his father, who left his very considerable fortune to him, Robert Stephenson found himself a wealthy man, and. The and and rus men women children, to the and held the and was rope on, tube checked in it dangerous progress.

Finally that the piles itself up against any fre- quently reach- - i a of 30 ft. The strain placed upon the piers by piled- these ice is tre- mendous, and the anxiety en- the gineers during their con- struction mav imagined. The i n con with the pontoons correct were ion. Stephenson was away in London while the presses were being fixed, and when all was ready his engineers wrote to him saying they could raise the tube in two The Britannia Tubular Bridge found it impossible to cut himself oil en- tirely from new enterprises.

With a steadilv-increasing s at once the most. Canadian Government re- English firm of contractors siderably in , when the piers were lengthened and Stephenson's great tubes were replaced by steel trusses.

A double railway track was provided in the new to carriageways and up masonry beneath it as it rose instruction prevented very serious conse- quences, for one day, while the hydraulic presses were at work, the bottom of one of them burst.

The cross-head and chains, weighing over 50 tons, crashed down on the press, and to reuort on the a bridge, and Mr. He rctur footways. Stephenson's Last Works Stephenson also applied the tubular svstem in a modified form in two bridges across river at letta, in ing the river just lower Egypt. Dangers of the Undertaking the river the point chosen for the is The larger of the two, near Benha, contained eight spans or openings of 80 ft, each, and two centre spans, formed by a large swing bridge.

The total length' of the swing beam was ft,, and there was a clear waterwav of 60 ft. These bridges were the last of Stephen a mile- and- three-quarters width, so that the task of bridging great on account of the The local conditions added was very i alone.

A great deal remained to be done, however, before the conquest of the Atlantic became possible. As soon as Marconi realised that he had pushed the coherer detector to its limits, and Marconi commenced with a view to signalling across the Atlantic.

As his apparatus required more power than had been available in previous experiments, he installed a dynamo driven signal for the letter "S"— at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and to continue to send at intervals until 6 o'clock. After a great deal of experiment he Marconi, pondering over the experiments of Hertz with electric waves, saw clearly the wonderful possibilities that were opened up, and from that moment his life's ambition was fixed.

He determined to solve the problem of wireless communication, and he succeeded, fie had many big difficulties to face, but be tackled them all with dogged persistence and overcame them one by one by means of his remarkable inventive ability. These con- densers consisted of glass coated on each side with tinfoil and immersed in oil, and were really nothing more than huge Levden jars. As the band passed from the influence of one B magnet to that of the other, its magnetism The change did not however, owing to By the end of November eve was ready at Poldhu for the great experi- ment, and Marconi crossed the Atlantic to make the necessary arrangements on the other side.

The place chosen for the attempt was Signal Hill, a bold bluff over- the sea near St. Johns, Newfound- mm by cable to the anxiously-waiting operators at Poldhu, and we can imagine great enthusiasm with which the message was received. A age At first the general public were inclined ess story, this won wi take ace ins the fact that even soft iron has some magnetic retaining power, and therefore resists slightly the attempt of one magnet to reverse the effect of another. The moving coils of band passed through two small wire, aerial and the other with a sensitive one connected with the tone receiver.

A large kite was to be used to carry the aerial wire, but for some days it seemed as though the weather was deter- mined that the kite should not be flown. Under the stimulating encouragement of vessel was specially fitted with a complete apparatus for wireless trans- mission and reception, and as soon as she was clear of the English coast communi- tion was established with Poldhu.

Messages station at fere exchanged between When aerial of waves fell upon the receiving station, minute, rapidly-oscillating currents passed through the first coil, and had the effect of making the band reverse its magnetism. The sudden moving of the lines of magnetic force induced a current in the second coil, and a click was pro Marconi, however, persisted finally the weather little band of elforts, and and the and shore at regular intervals up to a distance of miles, but bevond that distance the ship could not send messages, as she had reached the limit of her trans- kite was raised to the desired height.

The Atlantic The great test took place on Thursday, 12th December. Poldhu, however, still kept on sending, and day after day, as the ship travelled westwards, messages arrived with unfailing regularity. Range Greater at Night. This lone receiver. The clicks continued follow one another rapidly as lone as electric waves r voyage of the were reaching the receiv- ing aerial, being broken up into Morse signals according to the mani a- of the kev of the operator mining at the trans- j o n this Marconi sue ceeded, in January.

Catherines, in the Isle of Wight, to the Lizard, in Cornwall, a distance of about miles. At the same time the fact was established that the range of a transmitting station is much greater at night than during the dav. Manchester : 30, Cross St. Glasgow : 50, Wellington St. IU Li- jJM. This set is of e constru type an specially adapted to the requirements of those who wish to carry out simple experi the same as that of No.

I set described above. Plus 1 lax m nctt. Perfect Reception, Its Splendid. A better Headphone is not made. Complete with Cord. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Fully illustrated.

Post free 10d. Machinery for Model Steamers. A prartiral handbook on the design. Tost engines and free lOd. Mechanical Drawing Simply Explained. Shows how Writlt-n read, drawing. Post free Every Boy't Book of Electricity. A book which 21 illustrations. Every Boy's Book will be welcomed by all pas engines, of Engines.

Post Iree 3d. Send Post Card for Complete List. British made and of the highest quality. Give loud, clear, undistortcd reception and add greatly to the efficiency oi any type of receiver. Cemf or tabic to wear and easily Only a limited number available. First Ocean Newspaper Wireless Waves Travel Best Over Sea Trans- Atlantic telegraphy was Marconi's experiments on the Phila- now an accomplished fact, and communica- tion by this means quickly became delphia also afforded additional evidence of the curious fact that are transmitted more easily over sea than Non-conductors of electricity in " - with Marconi for The Times contracted over allow electric waves to pass free but transmission of news from Canada and the United States to London, and a year later the first ocean the "Cunard Daily Bulletin, new waves.

The relative distances to which electric waves may be transmitted over land and different places, but was published on R. Campania, and news items received by wireless from Poldhu. On 2 1st three messages of consit length were exchanged between Poldhu and Glace Bav, and on the next day Marconi sent the following wireless telegram to King Edward at Buckingham Palace : On occasion of first wireless telegraphic scd, and the speech trans - tted was clearly heard by Mr.

L- ft, UmvX N O. I Outfit. With it an additional 36 models may be built, making a total of models in all. With it an additional 57 models may be built, making a total of models in a No. With it an additional 43 models may be built.

With it an additional 53 models may be built. With it an additional 43 models may be built, making a total of models in all. With it an additional 51 models may be built, making a total of models in all. This Outfit builds every one of the models illustrated in the Complete Manual. As the heavier pendulum requires more power to move it. I Causes of Failure With the assistance of a few took a scries of readings with loads on the pillar ranging from 2 lb.

When we came to work out our results for comparison we had a sad blow, vever, i iii:mi! J; :t. Many enthusiasts have built the model, and we hclieve the accompanying account of experiments with sent to us by a keen Meccano user, will be of interest. Taking Readings ver. A Difficulty Overcome At first some difficulty was experienced on account of the top hole of the Face J Mate — carrying the strips to the I 44 In my experiments 1 tried io get some readings if ting various through certain distances.

After weights mam cent, efficiency 1 That is to sav, although our motor w r as giving us about 1. Naturally we were rather disappointed at first, but when to think the matter over we realised that in dealing with such verv small powers as those we i fie slightest rrror in our difference. Ullf we were make a s- - constantly falling over — i okc. A longer pendulum requires more power to move I unsuccessful attempts, however, I a ban- cloned this method, except for demonstraf turn purposes, Instead 1 fitted up a small rope-brake to the end of the ratchet rod.

Soring balance i I using, readings would No doubt the intermittent action of the ratchets also caused a big error. Address on Application. Contributions are inuited on any subject of general interest, and further particulars are given at the foot of the page.

See also the Editor's remarks on page of this issue. All over the British Empire, and probably it would to say all over the no , m civilized world, people are talking of the marvels of Wembley. The Exhibition is, of course, unique in many respects, and among the features that it other previous exhibitions is the fact that it is not housed in temporary lath and plaster structures, massive about ions. How has this amazing been done? The answer that at once suggests itself is — by means of an enormous army of workmen.

This, however, does not account for the remarkable speed of building, and the secret lies in the use of reinforced concrete or as it is called.

It is made by mixing the sand with cement and stones water until each stone is covered with wet cement and then, when the mixture dries, it sets into a solid rock-like mass Concrete as a building has many advantages It does not rust like pro does not iron or decay like wood and it needs no form of painting. It de t eri or a te li ke so many other materials, but it appears actually to become stronger as it older.

At the same time, concrete has one weak point. It is very strong in resisting a crushing stress, that is to say, a weight pressing directly down upon it, but it offers only feeble resistance to tension or a bending stress. A 6 earn supported at its ends and carrying a weight undergoes compression in its upper part and tension in its lower This fact may be demonstrated simply.

Take a wooden lath and cut grooves on both sides of it, as shown in the accompanying diagram. Then support the lath at its ends on two books or boxes, and place a weight on it at the centre. If the grooves carefully examined it will be seen that those on the top close up while those underneath open that the of the when it bends, and the bottom becomes longer As concrete strongly resists compression it would do very well for the upper part of a beam, but g to its small resistence be of very little use in the lower part.

In order to overcome this difficult v the concrete is reinforced to sion it with steel, which supplies the tension- resisting power. The steel, in bars or in some other form, is embedded in the con- crete while the latter is wet.

When the concrete dries it grips th e steel very tenaciously, and the resulting structure combines the qualities of the two materials. Ferro- concrete. Years ago the Maoris braved the dangers of the mountain passes in their search for green d gold was found in Westland, white men from Canterbury risked their lives to reach the About 60 years ago a road was built across the mountains by way of a defile, known to-day as Arthur's went on.

In due course a line was begun, and little by little it crept from both sides up the mountain The higher it reached, the greater became the engineering difficulties. Fifteen years ago miners commenced — first on the western side and shortly the eastern — the enormous task of cutting their way through the solid rock.

Drilling machines were used for boring holes, and then great masses of rock were blasted away with dynamite. In this way the forced their way into the heart of the mountain. Next the drilling machines were heard ugh the wall of rock still remaining, and a few weeks later a workman on the eastern side suddenly saw the pick-axe of a workman on the other side coming through the rock. When the barrier was finally cut through, the men on one side shook hands with their fellow -workmen on the other side.

The accuracy of the engineers' plans calculations for this tunnel was remarkable. In a distance of over five miles the difference in level headings was only 1J in. Although the tunnel cuts off the top of the mountain, it runs up a fairly steep slope from the western to the eastern side.

Harold Griffiths New Zealand. The articles may deal with such as new ideas for making something ; new methods of doing things ; accounts of some unusual occurrences or incidents, such as what it feels like to be in a sand-storm, or to win a cup on sports day, each of which experiences formed the subject of two recent letters.

Articles should not be longer than words, and thev should be written as neatly as possible and on one of the paper onlv. If illustrations may be sent, either drawings photographs, or rough sketches. No reader should hesitate to send in an article because he may not be very good at composition or cannot sketch any diagrams necessary to illustrate it.

Finished perfectly and in correct Admiralty grey. The boat is approximately 14 inches long and S inches high : after diving it will rise to the surface of its own accord. The planes and keel are adjustable to regulate depth of diving. We have about 20 only of our Model Aeroplanes left. Aluminium and silk, 3 cylinder valvcless motor, orked compressed air.

Length 3 feet 9 inches, wing span 4 feet 2 inches. Will fly yards at leait. Complete with pump. Carriage Paid 15s. Iddesleigh House, Westminster, S. You live to success will be measured A similar story may be fulfil some useful purpose and you bv the extent of your usefulness.

You must be able to stand against the storms and bufferings of life, illness and difficulties. You must build on the firmest of found at ions— good teeth health.

Good health is impossible without sound teeth are It is a simple and pleasant matter to keep the teeth in perfect condition bv the twice daily use of Gibbs Denti frice. It cleans and brightens the teeth by removing the deposits and polishing the millions of tiny waves and facets into which the enamel of a normal is divided. It is these facets of a powerful magnifying enamel seen only through which give the bright sparkling appearance to clean teeth. Gibbs Dentifrice is most convenient — a solid cake, pro- tected by an aluminium case— it cannot accidentally spill or squeeze out.

Large size, 1 RelUls, lid. Sent post free, to with a useful size sample of Gibbs Dentifrice, on receipt of 3d. Railway, was taken by Master Norman Wood, a reader of the u M. Meccano boys will visit the Exhibition at Wembley British this year, and in the many miles of grounds, with their amazing variety of attractions.

The conditions entry are the wonderful back of every print must bear the name, address, and age of the competitor. These scenes. To encourage boys to take photographs during their visit, we have arranged a splendid photo- graphic com on new lines.

Com- petitors will be required to send in sets of at least three different photographs mg a boy's visit to Wembley. Snaps of the Palaces of Engineering or Industry and the Overseas sections, and the Amusement Park are equally eligible. Od, — will be a tie, this fact will be taken into con- sideration. Any entries not fulfilling these- conditions will be disqualified, and it should also be remembered that no photo- graphs can be returned.

The closing date of this contest is 30th September, The winning set of Exhibition photogra in the " M. M" will be printed The Torque Converter — cont. At 25 lb. NL" was careful to explain in his article in issue that the Meccano model does - not show the working of the actual gear, but based.

I the principle on which it is doubt, therefore, 'e no that the actual gear does not vibrate in this manner, or if it does Mr. In conclusion I should like to say that since building the model I have spent many hours of my spare time in experi- it, with keen enjoyment, to men ting for the model is really watch. Shunting, coupling-up the rolling stock and m up trains to dash around their track as realistically as the real thing, will give you hours of pleasure.

Hornby Trains are beautifully finished, strongly made, and will last for ever. One of their most remarkable features is that they may be " to pieces and rebuilt. All the parts are standardised and any lost or damaged part may be replaced with a new one. This could be the next electro signing from Greece! The remixes are quite worked out while the new songs perfectly hold on the road! A noticeable evolution in comparison with the earlier work!

It all sounds like pure improvisation. The result? Harsh sounds are nicely incorporated into the electro pop world of Null Device. A band that every synthpop follower should have checked out! Contact: www. Nothing exceptional here! The whole compositions remain rather slow with spooky vocals and the guitar as main instrument. Nothing noticeable for so far.

The female vocals are rather cold, but efficient while the compositions are quite achieved and already mature. The numerous spoken samplings form a surrogate to the absence of a singer.

This debut shows the potential of this one man project. The endless tracks are more than present in this opus and Myt manages to create a more complex wall of sound, however, without the saving help of some interesting satellite sounds. The problem is that it becomes difficult to abandon yourself completely because of this.

This band is probably even too techno-club minded for body-heads, but I personally enjoy it! The result is very good when diving back into time with the early work of both EBM-giants. This band is an excellent warm-up for a good night out! I like the faster and more danceable songs. One of their main forces is the alluring female vocalist. Nothing new, but quite well done! Bily wanadoo. The cyber-tracks are less inspired and suffering from a lack of elaboration!

The main characteristic is the use of spoken samplings coming from diverse sources. I just regret the length of the songs that is maybe a little bit to long! I hope to hear more from this project!

The delicate compositions are achieved and contain a very good balance between the male vocalist and the female backings. They maybe need one big hit to get the deserved deal! Leeb productions. A great and elaborated composition! They remind me to a mix between Fad Gadget and current danceable underground electro styles. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on!

This demo is totally great, but hard to define as music entity! Excellent stuff! I appreciate the diversity in the songs and the vocal parts. The male vocalist reminds me a bit to I. Curtis while the music is first of all electronic. Hearing all the electro-pop releases of the year, Die Perlen deserves to get a deal! It needs some time to get used to the mix of trance and saxophone, but it works pretty well! Totally original! Their work sounds like a kind of dark and dreamy EBM-soundtrack.

It definitely sounds like PNE without its charismatic singer. My God, this is years ago that I heard about one of the craziest electro-demo bands of our country! Their music is bit more elaborated than before, but it remains a bizarre entity of experimental electro constructions!

The originality is there, but the efficiency has never been their main characteristic! The 3rd track seems to be an older one. It contains female vocal parts and is a little bit pop orientated. Andreas Rimheden started in a certain Klinikal-way and progressively evolved into poppy arrangements. You get a 1st part, which is rather restful followed by a heavier and noise-industrial 2nd part. The link between both bands and parts is the poorly inspired content!

Definitely a band to keep an eye on! Omen Faustum conceived a dark experimental soundtrack full of sound waves and signals from unknown planets. A humming atmosphere dominates this very minimal release that will please a few people. The 2nd disc contains live-tracks, showing very good dance vibes and certain complexity in the song writing. It sounds flat, while the great female vocal parts have been used as backings.

It sounds like this band is able to do much better! The duo of Hungry Lucy is the most familiar one to the Side-Line staff. The work is of course comparable to Hungry Lucy, but in a less dance and poppy way. A very diversified content for a maximum pleasure! While this great band seems to have disappeared, S. Ficagna presents his debut-demo. The music is pure electronic and already achieved! I just want to mention the opening body danceable instrumental piece by Virtual Reality next to the achieved FLA-minded Wired Brain and our own Belgian clones of Pro Patria with a very old song from!

This is definitely an experience strictly reserved to the demo-lovers! In a way they remind me of Kong, the Dutch band that incorporated all kind of influences, from metal to techno into their material. But when it comes to energy, both acts have a lot in common.

Should you be interested in acquiring a demo CD just send an email to distantsun hotmail. The development continued and this time his digital electronic groove has gotten more complex and varied. The playful Warp approach gained more depth, the driving rhythms more embellishments and warmth.

To the contrary, the synthesis is fun and the simple melodies are shared by more sounds and more varied rhythms. Aimless electro ticking and stretched, atmospheric knits captivate. It sounds instantly familiar, yet remains fresh with each listen. The quality of the debut has been surpassed and Abstract Q are once again high on my list of quarterly favorites. Most of the tracks are into pure soundscapes with an omnipresent frightening atmosphere that serves as basis of the concept. Notice by the way that a full-length album has been released on Xerxes Records.

Contact: Acclimate6 webtv. This new project from the French part of the country is one of the illustrations of poorly inspired industrial stuff, which now and than moves on the border of repetitive electro-industrial.

This one makes no sense! Contact: nihilum wanadoo. K formation Action Directe. A controversial band name that reminds to a French left wing terrorist group that has been active in the eighties. It gives you any idea about the political and social themes of their lyrics. Musically speaking AD still goes on to combine cyber- and punk elements together. So far so good, but I miss a certain cohesion and accomplishment in their composition process, which remains too simplistic.

Anyway, if you like less complex structures, preferring heavy guitar riffs in conjunction with fast rhythms and EBM sequences, taste this! Contact: joel a. Ativ, a side project of Synth-Etik which just debuted impressively on Hands, starts off interpreting two Radial tracks who returns the favor right away.

The final result is surprisingly symbiotic. The different styles of both collaborators remain in the background in favor of a common sound. Very fresh sounding electronics, crunchy beats and moody melodies weave into one picture.

Carries you away and promises nice things for their coming releases on Hands and Triumvirate. If you are looking for exciting new stuff, check www. A cool effect on the vocals. This is a band to follow! Other names to mention are Non Revanche combining electro and guitar arrangements, Brain:Blood:Volum delivering an approaching beat-cut, Anaphylaxis that opens a window on ambient fields and Substructure that also deals with a kind of ambient.

Too bad! Contact: sunblack treemail. The duo from Mechelen digs a bit deeper in their dark electronic fields, pleasing the lovers of Suicide Commando and other Terminal Choice. They belong to the same style, but avoid becoming too close to the sound of these 2 giants! Pretty good, but at the other hand, I search in vein for a certain refinement. A few songs at the end of the demo are a bit more convincing for being more worked out.

The switch between male and female vocals remains the best element of Buropolitik! Contact: Buropolitik hotmail. This is poorly inspired and irrelevant as music entity! The mix of different ideas is interesting, but the way it has been worked out sounds less inspired.

A first try-out and nothing more! Contact: cynthialeech yahoo. The songs evolve into a kind of esoterically approach. You can perceive that this band is already busy for numerous years! This French industrial combo offers you an entrance to noise and experimental fields.

Contact: eiterherd widerstand. The title-song is a cool cut containing powerful clear vocal parts and revealing a certain potential. Sat reached our office. They claimed to be experimental and sure they are! They combine a kind of ambient style with neo-classical influences, recovered with some folk traces.

Contact: r delfi. The vocals could have been a bit harder. Ready to get signed! Mahieu rega. Sarrah went on to something totally different. This is pure ambient work that has been conceived as soundtrack.

It sounds like an early beginning. Jailbird sounds pretty close to Young Gods and that says enough about their style of music. Especially the vocals are like a cloning of the Swiss band. They announce a new album for the end of next year! Contact: jailbird free. It gives the impression listening to the demo-song of your brand-new synth. Absolutely not into underground!

The opening piece contains some vague resemblance with the distorted electro tones and drums of Dive, but the global mood of this album is rather soundtrack minded!

I think that this work is really captivating to please minimalist labels and auditors! A few artists seem to have understood that this style is much more than pure noises and improvisations! This song is more into loops and danceable elements, without loosing the industrial atmosphere!

I still like the way he literally plays with the vocals sampled parts? Anyway, a cool surprises! Contact: meurig4aolmember1 aol. Heavy distorted vocals in English and German language. The lovers of this style gone like it! Slow and quiet rock minded songs reinforced with electronic structures never attempt to get me wild. Contact: providense spray. Demo 6-track cd -Origin: Colombia, but actually based in U. It sounds like ballads. It sounds rather pop minded, evoking the unavoidable eighties spirits of the electro-pop.

They experience with drum loops and add some unusual tones and bleeps. Anyway, nothing groundbreaking for the moment! Sino sounds really different, trying to humanize the industrial style by making it more complex in the way of using sounds. This is really attractive! Contact: re-build par. The style is fusion between soft synth-pop and slow triphop rhythms. The charismatic female singer reminds to a colder version of Everything But The Girl.

Her voice is literally floating through the music. Sonicjoy realized an excellent debut! Contact: joyellebrandt home. It evokes the sound of some late-eighties bands. The concept sounds interesting because it reveals 9 unknown formations! The result is nothing more than simply avoidable! This is too bad and not one single band is able to create something decent and interesting!

Vernix Caseosa is the only one to deliver a little light in a never ending and boring darkness. Contact: str8line ifrance. The first, exclusive track is the stylistic continuation of the album which means 10 minutes of infectious rhythm between noise industrial and hard techno.

This typical, epic-melodic Tarmvred feeling. This time with even more female vocals, already unexpectedly present on the album. Both very dark and heavy pieces noisily offering glimpses into an abyss.

The closing track is a retro attack. Digidroid from Sweden mutate Tarmvred into 80s electro pop, and a damn catchy one at that with its vocals. As if New Wave never ended. Broad in approach and topnotch in quality, I am more than ever convinced by Tarmvred.

They compose powerful electro driven by furious beating bass drums. The female vocalist who triesto find a place in this tough urban universe reminds me therefor to the Australian Ragewar but they were more into techno-elements.

I regret that several of their songs remain that short! I can only encourage them to elaborate the writing process and warn them to avoid any hurry! Contact: Kaoss hotmail. They used an arsenal of samplings. Zverett introduces us to his particular experimental universe. It moves from symphonic neo-classical elements to Nintendo-minded analogue bleeps to noises and other manipulations.

This guy is living on the edge of minimalism and will only catch a few numbers of people! Contact: zver mail. Ameba is hailing from Italy. Their music is a mixture of different styles moving from punk-rock to triphop to a kind of folk. Contact: ameba ameba.

Ascension 5-track cd. That could be true because I don't know any other band from this country involved in the same style! More than once I heard influences coming from VNV Nation for the melodious side and Hocico for the dark atmospheric side.

The first songs "Berserkers" and "Espacio Exterior" are the right examples to illustrate the style of the band and their inspiration. I noticed the presence of a few, heavy distorted vocals on "Awakening".

Just keep this band in mind! Contact: alienprodukt hotmail. After 2 demos and several changes in the line-up, Deonda send us their newest material.

Atziluth track cd. Cain and Abel remain a very important source of inspiration for the gothic scene

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